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Wow. Just wow.

Just after 9:00 am this morning, we asked you to help us in a last minute push to pack the City Council's committee room to stop Councilor Don Harris from canceling voting days in upcoming city elections.

With less than 8 hours to go we weren't sure if we could organize in time.

But the news was all over it and two of the mayoral candidates came out against it right away.  From KOB-TV:

Harris is a Republican, like Mayor Richard Berry, who is running for re-election, and like retired police sergeant Paul Heh who is also running in the three-way race.

“ Why would he want to change it from 20 days to 7 days?” Heh  wondered. “ I smell politics all over this thing. I think it would absolutely benefit the mayor in some way or another.”

Retired Safe City Strike Force chief Pete Dinelli, a  Democrat, is the third candidate in the race.

“ It’s changing the rules in the middle of an election cycle,” said the longtime prosecutor. “ This is clearly an effort by the Republicans to have voter suppression and it will favor the incumbents.

By the time the meeting started at 5:00 tonight it was standing room only - and they were all against the ordinance! 

Councilor Harris and his friends trying to make it harder to vote didn't know what had happened.  Harris quickly backed off of supporting his own bill and the committee voted not to pass the bill!

Think actions don't work?  Think again. 

You turned back the latest attempt by Republicans across the country to make it harder to vote - and you did it in less than 8 hours!  Tonight, we say thank you.  In November, so will voters.


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