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Republicans across the country are coming out for equality.  But not in New Mexico, and certainly not Governor Susana Martinez.

The legislature sent Republican Governor Martinez two versions of the same bill, HB180 and SB258, making it easier for the state to help our active duty and retired service members and their spouses obtain professional licenses like those issued from the state for contractors and barbers.  It’s a good idea that seems simple enough.

The only difference?  The Senate version contained an amendment, offered by Sen. Jacob Candelaria, to be sure domestic partners of gay service members would be covered too.  

MartinezVeto.jpgOn Friday she made her choice: Governor Martinez vetoed the version to extend help to partners of gay service members.  

In the post-“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era, openly gay service members are proudly serving and dying for our country.  And their partners back home bear the same burdens as their straight neighbors. But helping gay soldiers, veterans and spouses be successful in New Mexico was too much for Martinez.

Whether Governor Martinez likes it or not, New Mexico is ready for marriage equality and it’s time we show our support!    Last month millions of Facebook users changed their profile pictures to support equality and our New Mexico version was one of our most popular posts.

We can’t undo the governor’s veto, but we can show our LGBT family, friends and neighbors – including the partners of our proud gay service members – that we support them.

I'm showing my support and pride. Will you?

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