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Remember the Susana Martinez who promised to put government on a diet? No more private jets and luxury cars.  Instead, she told us, she had fired the chef and her husband was serving bologna sandwiches in the governor’s mansion.  That pretty folksy tale had a lot of folks Receipt.JPGfooled until she got caught buying a $3,000 coffeemaker for her $100,000 new kitchen – all paid for at taxpayer expense.

And what did Susana Martinez have to say for herself?

It was OK with me whatever they did as long as it could last a very long time,” she said.

Suddenly, “Sell the Jet!” became “Buy the Coffeemaker!”

The whole scheme was paid for by the Board of Finance (which the Governor chairs).  And though Martinez was quick to veto $80,000 to feed the homeless in Gallup and $200,000 for a senior center providing meals to low-income seniors in Valencia County, she had no problem spending $3,000 for a nice cup of coffee.

Susana told Santa Fe to “Sell the Jet!”  Now it’s time we tell Susana to “Sell the Coffeemaker!”

And, it’s not just granite countertops and fancy coffeemakers.  We already found receipts for $2,000 in new bathroom fixtures and we’re still digging. BathroomFixtures.JPG

The more we know about Susana Martinez the more we know we need someone else for governor.  We need your help to shine a light and spread the word.

So we’re offering a special deal!   For your $50 donation to ProgressNow New Mexico, we’ll send you our brand new, union-printed “Sell the Coffeemaker!” T-Shirt!  Don’t wait, quantities are limited.



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